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Carol Be
God bless Dr Mall she did for me what no eye specialist could do , I had so many floaters in my eyes it became increasing hard for me to read as my job involves so much research it was so horrifying the Drs had no options except expensive surgery I opted to go to Dr Mall .She worked with me ever so carefully to remove all my black spots, floaters, healing me.

My husband was suffering from diabetes and had developed big black spots in various places the skin had become leathery and hard, the Drs could not do much and gave a lot of medications which made it worse they were large like two or the inches finally went to Dr Mall and with her judicious gentle treatment my husbands skin became normal ,thank God.

My girlfriend of five years cheated on me breaking my heart to such a degree I became so hurt so crazy with grief so angry I was totally devastated then I was directed to Dr Mall .She-gave me so much healing remedies to make me whole and happy again.love her.

Dr M
I am a local GP and had heard good things about Dr Mall so decided to take my two sons who were in final years in medical college unable to focus for their finals, she started by detoxing their mind and within two weeks they were doing so much better that I could not believe it was possible ,what I had not achieved in ten yrs of working with them she achieved in only few weeks ,they were so happy to pass with flying colors ,they loved her unfortunately it was very difficult for me to handle.

I am a massage therapist and send all my patients who need her help as they all come feeling happy refreshed and healed.

I am a school teacher and my childhood trauma ,abuse ,sexual assaults finally caught up with me leaving me so devastated so horrified that I was not able to move or function , I came to Dr Mall and she first healed my extreme anger that I had carried with me it felt like gold had washed over me with her miraculous remedies and I calmed down even forgave and went my whistling ways again.Ten stars.

Penny Mel
My daughter was born with Down syndrome and son suffered with Autism and muscular dystrophy ,both the children were treated by Dr Mall to such perfection that there are no signs of Down syndrome in my daughter she looks and behaves totally normal and my son is able to go school and walk normally .Thanks.

Dr k
I was treating patient “A” for almost four yrs with antibiotics for her chronic sinusitis with no avail “A” was a medical director in a nearby medical hospital and she decided to work with Dr mall soon she was so good she stopped coming to me I was so intrigued as I myself had been taking stronger and stronger antibiotics for the same condition for more than five yrs so I also reached out to Dr mall and lo and behold she got me healed so fast it was unbelievable ,not only that I went to learn homeopathy in London but it was not to be ,too difficult to understand and practice.

I was so devastated with my husbands death to start non stop dry heaving, depression, crying till I was having full blown panic attacks and anxiety then my friend told me about Dr mall and very soon my tears stopped depression and anxiety were all gone in a short space of time about 8 months ,now I am happy and have wonderful man in my life.

Andy G
I went to Dr Mall with chronic bronchitis of 10 yrs and emphysema I could hardy breathe and coughed non stop, first she detoxed my lungs then proceeded with gentle homeopathic remedies to heal my broken down health slowly my cough vanished my phlegm reduced and finally I was completely cured with clear breathing and could speak clearly much to my physicians astonishment as he had treated me with antibiotics steroids antihistamines for more than five years.

Miss J
My story is so hard to believe , I am mother of a fire man and knew Dr mall as my son was very satisfactorily treated by Dr Mall I had third degree burns on my feet in fact both my feet had caught fire when I was sitting with my feet next to a bonfire as I was diabetic I could not feel the heat till others noticed my feet were on fire Everybody wanted to rush me to emergency but I chose to insist on Dr Mall to work on my feet as she was the only one who could save me from amputation so my son would drive for eight hrs for my visit every ten days till my charred black feet had grown pink flesh and I could walk on my own two feet . It was a total miracle which I knew she could perform.BLESSINGS.

My name is Jasmine. I had post inflammatory harmonal imbalance and Melasma and she treated it and it went away with the medicine and diet changes. She is also treating both of my kids with developmental delay. I have noticed incredible improvements with the behaviors, communication and receptive skills of both of my kids with her medicine. Thank you Dr. Rita Mall!

I was led by God to Dr Mall as I had miscarried 13 times in my third trimester so decided to go to a temple in the Himalayas known for its granting ur wishes there I met a lady who told me if u want to have a baby u need to go to Dr mall in Columbus as I am a resident here it was not difficult and started her treatment she made me wait to conceive so she could balance my hormones strengthen my uterus muscles Then I conceived again carried the pregnancy past the milestone and delivered a healthy 8 lb boy and took him to be blessed by her it was a miracle ,ten stars are not enough for what she has done for us God bless.

I had a eating disorder, belching burping bloated, highly constipated all the time, working with Dr Mall nutritional advice gentle remedies with some changes in my diet have made me normal again and off all my antacids.

Gina G
I am a presiding judge and have to sit for long periods of time, my arthritis became so bad it was hard to get out of my chair Dr Mall came with very high references even though I was so skeptical I followed her treatment for eight months ,much to my delight I walk straight now can get out of cars chairs normally .Thanks.

Sally P
Am a nurse practitioner with access to the best Drs but they could not get rid of my excruciating pain of bone on bone pain in both my knees advising knee surgery . I was so afraid and opted to go to Dr mall soon the pain reduced my body with her help is now building new cartilage and can walk without hurting.God no surgery! Kudos to Dr. Mall.

I only believed in regular medicine then I heard Dr Malls lecture on Channel 10 in 2001 on homeopathy it was so hard to believe it can cure multiple conditions with no chemicals toxins or side effects yet I waited for another two yrs to go to her for my now bleeding black and blue feet had gone up to my calves she worked ever so gently detoxing me healing with her magical remedies till all my bleeding stopped normal color came back as she worked with my circulatory system to give so much love so much healing is truly amazing ,my no nonsense skeptical personality just vanished. Sent from my iPad
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