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My name is Jasmine. I had post inflammatory harmonal imbalance and Melasma and she treated it and it went away with the medicine and diet changes. She is also treating both of my kids with developmental delay. I have noticed incredible improvements with the behaviors, communication and receptive skills of both of my kids with her medicine. Thank you Dr. Rita Mall!

I was led by God to Dr Mall as I had miscarried 13 times in my third trimester so decided to go to a temple in the Himalayas known for its granting ur wishes there I met a lady who told me if u want to have a baby u need to go to Dr mall in Columbus as I am a resident here it was not difficult and started her treatment she made me wait to conceive so she could balance my hormones strengthen my uterus muscles Then I conceived again carried the pregnancy past the milestone and delivered a healthy 8 lb boy and took him to be blessed by her it was a miracle ,ten stars are not enough for what she has done for us God bless.

I had a eating disorder, belching burping bloated, highly constipated all the time, working with Dr Mall nutritional advice gentle remedies with some changes in my diet have made me normal again and off all my antacids.

Gina G
I am a presiding judge and have to sit for long periods of time, my arthritis became so bad it was hard to get out of my chair Dr Mall came with very high references even though I was so skeptical I followed her treatment for eight months ,much to my delight I walk straight now can get out of cars chairs normally .Thanks.

Sally P
Am a nurse practitioner with access to the best Drs but they could not get rid of my excruciating pain of bone on bone pain in both my knees advising knee surgery . I was so afraid and opted to go to Dr mall soon the pain reduced my body with her help is now building new cartilage and can walk without hurting.God no surgery! Kudos to Dr. Mall.

I only believed in regular medicine then I heard Dr Malls lecture on Channel 10 in 2001 on homeopathy it was so hard to believe it can cure multiple conditions with no chemicals toxins or side effects yet I waited for another two yrs to go to her for my now bleeding black and blue feet had gone up to my calves she worked ever so gently detoxing me healing with her magical remedies till all my bleeding stopped normal color came back as she worked with my circulatory system to give so much love so much healing is truly amazing ,my no nonsense skeptical personality just vanished. Sent from my iPad
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