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Homeopathic Medicine

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Homeopathic medicine is a genre of alternative therapy with three core principles that underpin the heart of its totalizing philosophy:

1) ‘Like cures like’: the problem that causes your ailment also cures it. For example, if your lack of energy levels is a symptom of too much mercury or sodium in your diet, than small doses of mercury or sodium are equally the cures.
2) Minimal Dosage: The remedy is ingested in as diluted a form as possible, typically a ratio of curing parts to water of 1:1,000,000,000,000
3) Focus on One Individual Cure: No matter how many different and varying symptoms you are displaying, one amendment to your diet or one supplement is aimed at curing the totality of your illness.

This treatment, as with all the natural solutions we provide, is not intended as a substitute to whatever conventional medicinal procedures you are currently undergoing. It is designed to accelerate and enhance its effectiveness.

So, find out how this organic treatment variety can aid your recovery today, and get you feeling back to the way that you should by contacting the Homeopathic Health Center for a homeopathic consultation today at (614) 890-2589!

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